About Us

About Marina

Marina was inspired Spiritually in March of 1999 with the Intergenerations Logo...  At that time she was working for the Congress of CA Seniors, in Sacramento, CA.  She was writing for their website on alternative therapies and doing workshops at their conventions.  

It was at one of these workshops that the inspiration took shape...Originally Intergenerations had been focused on Senior Nutrition. One evening after completing her workshop she found a card invitation for an art event.  The cover of the invitation was done by Dan Field one of the commissioned artists for the best four banners of 1999.  Marina felt  the Spirit was telling her that her work would encompass all generations...from the youngest to the oldest...Interestingly enough, Dan had titled his painting "Intergenerations"...confirmation of the Spirit's leading. 

About your Health Journey

Health is a journey which Marina has been on since birth...her own awareness of the journey started with severe colitis in 1996 which she is completely healed of today.  She is still daily on this journey...learning and growing and moving forward.

Your own journey also began at birth and is unique to you...maybe you are just becoming aware of your journey to better health...It's both exciting and scary and maybe you feel overwhelmed. 

None of us is on this journey alone...we all have our own unique "Tribe" - the people who love and support us in achieving our life's purpose.  We all need each other on this journey to health and wholeness. We all need our "Tribe"...

Ask Marina to join your Tribe

As a Holistic Health Coach, Marina can join you on your journey, helping you to unlock the answers that are already inside you.  We all know what we most need and sometimes just need to hear the right questions...sometimes the answers come to us as we listen to a message from someone...Marina would love to join your  "Tribe" and support you with a message of health, hope & healing.