Founded in 1996 in Sacramento, CA

Marina Marini's vision for a shift in our approach to Health Care began in 1996 .. from managed disease into  ecstatic health

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Our Mission

Intergenerations Health and Healing Resources envisions itself as a force for change in Health Care.  From the womb to the grave we seek to help people reach their happiest, healthiest life - Body, Mind and Spirit

Awaken the Power Within

We all intuitively know what we need, don't we?  We just need help to awaken the Truth within each of us - that our bodies are designed to Self Heal.  

Live your best life

You know what you want your best life to look like...we'd like to help you get there...and you can, because all that you need to know is inside you at this very moment...we can help you discover the keys that you have misplaced along the way - let's find them!

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